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Calvary Alpharetta Youth Mission Trip

Hurricane Relief Lake Charles, LA
July 10-17, 2021 - Cost: $595

This summer, you will have an opportunity to serve an area that was battered by Hurricanes Laura and Delta in the fall of 2020. 95% of the buildings were damaged in these storms, and due to COVID, not many volunteers have been able to come and help this community. There is still a lot of storm damage and there are many people who cannot afford to have their homes repaired or rebuilt. Apply today and bring the hope of Christ to this devastated area!

How to Go:

1. Complete Online Application

2. Submit Online Application Fee ($19 with application)

3. Receive Acceptance Packet


Fundraising and Forms:


Trip cost: $595

  • $95 non-refundable deposit due 2 weeks after acceptance

  • $250 more by May 10th ($345 total raised)

  • $250 more by June 10th (100% total raised)


Required Forms

Helpful Links:

Add Funds to Your Account Here:

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