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Immerse Yourself. Encounter Others. Introduce Christ.

A land of breathtaking mountains, volcanoes, and lakes, Guatemala’s natural beauty will certainly capture your attention. But beyond the tourist attractions and intriguing Indian dress of the Mayans, heart-breaking poverty and spiritual darkness fill the land. Over-crowded barrios, lack of resources, and pagan religious traditions abound. Join our team and introduce Jesus to those in desperate need!

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Partner with local churches for community outreach

  • Share Gospel presentations in schools and villages

  • Relationship building with local families

  • Campus Bible studies at universities

  • Community development projects in impoverished barrios

  • Assist with mobile medical clinics

Adventure Activities:

  • Climb an active volcano and roast marshmallows over its steam vents

  • Shop at native Indian markets and try your hand at bartering

  • Explore Antigua, a quaint cobblestone village near the base of Mt. Pacaya

2025 Trip Dates

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