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Immerse Yourself. Encounter Others. Introduce Christ.
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RIM short term mission trip teams look beyond Thailand’s tropical array of elephants, exotic culture and temple ruins to see the 2.8 million women trapped in the sex industry, 5 million children enslaved to forced labor and 67 million people who need to meet Jesus. Join our Thailand mission trip team as we use education and evangelism to overcome spiritual darkness with the light of Christ!

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Serve at homes for vulnerable children

  • Red Light District trafficking outreach

  • Facilitate English Camps at public schools

  • Tribal village outreach

  • Worship with and work alongside local churches

  • Monk chat and prayer walk at Buddhist temples

  • Plant rice or other crops to feed at-risk children

Adventure Activities:

  • Experience exotic elephants in the jungle

  • Tour the rain forest on a bamboo raft

  • Shop in one of the world’s largest night markets

  • Visit elaborate Buddhist temples

2023 Trip Dates

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