Due to COVID-19, we have established additional health and safety policies to mitigate the risk of the virus for our 2021 trips. The safety of our participants is a top priority for us at RIM.

What is RIM doing?

  1. RIM is following the guidelines and recommendations set by the CDC regarding infection prevention and control.

  2. We are monitoring the status of health and safety for each trip location on a regular basis, using the recommendations of the State Department.

  3. We are maintaining consistent connection with our foreign country contacts who are updating us on the status in their country regarding local government ordinances, notification of outbreaks, and any additional concerns within their local community.

  4. We are working to determine the requirements for entry into our ministry locations. 

  5. We will establish additional safety measures for our teams while they are in country including but not limited to mask wearing, regular temperature checks, sanitization, possible quarantines, and the protocols in the event of infection. 

*For additional information on how RIM keeps you safe click here.

What if you/your trip can't go?

Trip Changes: 

  • If a project location becomes inaccessible or unsafe for travel, RIM may change the project location if possible. 

  • In the event where travel is not advisable to any realistic project location, the trip may be postponed until travel is safe.

Donation Info​:

  • In the event an individual is not able to participate, the funds raised for the participant's trip will be used towards outreach projects and are non transferable and nonrefundable. If a trip is postponed, these funds, less deposit, incurred expenses and administrative fees, can be used on a future RIM trip. 


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