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The safety of our participants and those we seek to serve is a priority for us. We desire to see people come to an understanding of how much God cares for them and having Covid safe practices is an important part of the process. RIM is establishing health and safety protocols to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19 for our 2023 outreaches. We have also implemented the Covid Donation Protection Plan to provide financial flexibility for changes in trip plans. The challenges of the pandemic are fluid and we continue to adapt as new information becomes available. We are consulting the CDC, local authorities and our team of healthcare professionals to develop best practices for the mission field. The following protocols address the measures RIM is currently taking to protect those involved as we go into all the world. 

  • When should I apply?
    For summer trips, applications are accepted from September through April. Apply as soon as possible in order to maximize time available for fundraising. RIM recommends that all groups apply before Christmas and that individuals apply no later than February 15th. Some applicants may be accepted after May 1st; however, a late-signup surcharge may apply equal to the increased cost of airfare compared to on-time signups.
  • When is fundraising due?
    A $95 deposit is due when you accept your spot on the team, and 100% of your trip cost is due 30 days before your start date. After the deposit is submitted, the remaining trip cost will be split into 3 Fundraising goals (~33% due on 3 dates).
  • When is paperwork due?
    Most of RIM’s forms can be completed online and are typically due June 1st. The Notarized Consent form must be physically mailed to RIM and is due June 1st for standard trips. All forms and due dates will be listed in your online account.

The Pandemic recommendations from healthcare officials are subject to change. RIM will be updating and revising the above Covid safe practices as new information becomes available. We want to do all we can to make your outreach experience safe as we both share and show the love of Christ to those around the world.

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