Why Choose RIM?

Alumni Quotes:

"This group and this staff is wildly God-centered and absolutely in the Father’s business. I had the privilege of spending a year in their internship program and was able to go with them on two trips, and through those experiences I grew in my faith and in my calling. This team is carrying the Kingdom forward and being a part of that is an opportunity no one should miss out on."
-Michael, Internship 2019
"Going on a RIM trip is: being welcomed immediately, so much laughter, strong connections, ministry that grows the people you are ministering to, but also you, deep conversations, and just an overall amazing time!" 
-Amanda, Thailand 2018
"I know that God used us to really encourage and teach the local church. We helped reveal truths found in his word to a crowd of new believers, many of whom do not even own a bible. I’m so thankful God gave us the opportunity to pour into these men and women."
-Sarah, Uganda 2017
"The Thailand trip was one of the most mission-hearted, spirit-lead trips I have ever participated in. Not to mention, the leaders were organized and intentional with every day we were given. Apart from meeting the amazing people I traveled with, we met some incredible locals that I maintain a relationship with even today."
-Brooke, Thailand 2015
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"Leading lost, hurt, broken people to Christ not only changed their lives, it changed mine."
-Kierston, Thailand 2014