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Why Choose RIM?

Alumni Quotes:

"This group and this staff is wildly God-centered and absolutely in the Father’s business. I had the privilege of spending a year in their internship program and was able to go with them on two trips, and through those experiences I grew in my faith and in my calling. This team is carrying the Kingdom forward and being a part of that is an opportunity no one should miss out on."
-Michael, Internship 2019
"Special Thanks from Laplace, LA. An amazing group of young people and leaders came to our community and brought hope and joy by being the hands and feet of Jesus. Thanks for resurrecting our community and restoring lives."

-Linda, New Orleans 2022
"I know that God used us to really encourage and teach the local church. We helped reveal truths found in his word to a crowd of new believers, many of whom do not even own a bible. I’m so thankful God gave us the opportunity to pour into these men and women."
-Sarah, Uganda 2017
"The Thailand trip was one of the most mission-hearted, spirit-lead trips I have ever participated in. Not to mention, the leaders were organized and intentional with every day we were given. Apart from meeting the amazing people I traveled with, we met some incredible locals that I maintain a relationship with even today."
-Brooke, Thailand 2015
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"Leading lost, hurt, broken people to Christ not only changed their lives, it changed mine."
-Kierston, Thailand 2014
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