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Dominican Republic

Immerse Yourself. Encounter Others. Introduce Christ.
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A beautiful Caribbean Paradise famous for its beaches and resorts, the Dominican Republic is home to 11 million people, most of whom hold a strong cultural value for religion. Unfortunately, many of their beliefs focus on rules and regulations instead of knowing Jesus personally and living in grace-filled Christian community.

Short term mission trip teams will work with RIM's established ministry relationship in the DR and we look forward to continuing to support the outreach being done by pastors from more than a dozen local churches. Join the Dominican Republic mission trip and help introduce this island nation to the love of God!

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Partner with local churches for community outreach

  • Share Gospel presentations in 3-5 schools each day

  • Work on community development projects

  • Bring food to those living in the city trash dump

Adventure Activities:

  • Swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the oceanfront

  • Barter with local vendors for unforgettable souvenirs

2024 Trip Dates

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