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What is a RIM Short Term Mission Trip?

Our heart and passion is to proclaim the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting and broken around the world.

We serve as a multi-denominational organization that mobilizes individuals and groups for short term mission trips to international and domestic locations. RIM builds standard trips each year that individuals and groups of any size can join and creates custom mission trips for groups of 20+ to any region of the world. Whether you join as an individual, small group, youth group, school, sports team, family, or medical professional, we can't wait to help you get out and share the love to God to the ends of the earth!

On a RIM short term mission trip team, you'll work with national pastors who are actively engaged in their communities and with whom RIM has long-standing relationships. We don’t ask them to create ministry for us, we join in to further what they are already doing! From much needed community development projects to drama evangelism to English camp school programs, RIM teams will have the opportunity to connect the community they serve with local ministries who are involved before we arrive and long after the team returns home. 

When you serve with RIM, your ministry will meet tangible needs and will change people’s eternities. We do our homework to ensure the best strategies for evangelism and the most relevant ministry tools are used in each location. We study culture and we ask questions of our local contacts. We don’t presume to know what is needed, and we don’t invent “filler” ministry. We actually build relationships and do research to make sure that our teams are effective ministers of the Gospel on every single trip.


Every person who serves with RIM shares their faith daily. We provide training, coaching and opportunities for you to personally connect with people at your ministry location and tell them about Jesus. Then we connect them with local churches for discipleship. 

Well-qualified RIM leaders will provide exceptional logistical and spiritual leadership for domestic and international short term mission trips. Our leaders travel with you from the airport to your ministry destination, handle all the trip logistical details, stay with your team day and night and provide guidance all along the way. Project Directors and Team Leaders model ministry for your team, offering training and coaching and expecting God to use them mightily. Each of our leaders has history and accountability with RIM, and are trained and vetted. 

We believe that team building and cultural immersion are vital parts of any missions experience and we work to make sure that's built into each RIM short term mission trip. We don't want you to miss out on building deep relationships with your teammates or experiencing the unique sights, smells and customs of the places you visit. We build our trips to include riding elephants in Thailand, hiking volcanoes in Guatemala and eating deep dish pizza in Chicago, and we never add any extra fees. 

When you join a RIM short term mission trip, get ready for a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and an abundance of opportunities to share the love of God wherever you go!

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