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All for Harvey

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Our main ministry in Guatemala was a drama called “The Journey Man”; we would perform this drama in a few schools every day, and then afterwards we would have the opportunity to speak and pray with the students there.

One of the places that we were supposed to stop at had to cancel, and so we found ourselves at a school that we hadn’t planned on going to at all. After our performance I was talking with a large group of students and a few of them made the decision to accept Christ! It was amazing! As I continued to speak with the group one of the students who accepted Christ, a 16 year old boy named Harvey, caught my eye.

I felt a nudge in my spirit to speak with him one on one, so I pulled him aside. It was easy to tell that he was going through a hard time. I asked him if he had someone close to him pass away recently, and he immediately began to cry. I gave him a hug, which made him cry even more.

After a few minutes he explained to me that his Grandpa had passed away recently and that he was still grieving. I began to pray over him; I prayed for healing and peace in Harvey’s life, and I did my best to comfort him. In addition to Harvey making the life-changing decision to follow Christ, he also just needed a hug and a friend to grieve with.

That day, at a school I never should have been at, with a boy I never should have met, the Lord worked all things together just so Harvey could come to know Him and His amazing love. What an amazing God we serve!

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