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He Remembered Me!

While on a month long trip to Guatemala, the first 2 weeks, our team shared the Gospel in public schools, then for the 2nd half of the trip, we were conducting mobile medical clinics around Guatemala City.

It was the last day of medical clinics, and a 13 year old boy ran up to me and said he remembered me from when our team visited his school the week before. Our team had shared the Gospel in many schools for thousands of students, and we did not really know the impact it had made. However this boy found me and began talking with me, and he shared some deep personal things with me.

He shared that he did not have a great father figure in his life and his mom also had some issues where he was the one to take care of his siblings and walk them to school. While he was sharing with me, my heart broke for him because I related to him in that I did not have a great father figure in my life either.

He told me that our team changed his life, we had introduced him to Jesus and he now could rely on Jesus for everything. I thought this was so awesome not only because he had remembered me and my team, but that at such a young age, this boy who was going through so much was able to trust God with his whole life. His compassionate heart made a difference in my life and in so many others.

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