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Final Night in Thailand

While we were in Thailand, we were able to visit a home for girls called the Home of Blessing. At the beginning of our time, the girls were all separated into groups where each member of our team could connect with one group for the week. During our time there, we connected deeply with all the girls in our group, and we witnessed so many impactful and powerful moments. However, the most impactful moment came on our final night there. Our team decided to serve these girls by washing their feet.

We met in the church on our final night with water basins and chairs set up. One by one, our team knelt down and washed the feet of each girl that was in their group and prayed over them, and the Holy Spirit filled the room. As I washed the feet of the girls in my group, I prayed over their lives, and that God would provide a future for every single girl.

In doing this, I believe God was teaching me what it really means to serve ALL people, no matter circumstance, background, or how closely we may be connected. He also revealed to me just how blessed I really am.

After I washed my group’s feet and after individually praying for them, they wanted the chance to serve me in the very same way. They sat me down and began to wash my feet and it was so humbling to have all of these sweet girls loving on me just as I had for them. We prayed together again and I got to see God open the hearts of some of these girls.

In Thailand, I learned that it isn’t very common in their culture to open up about problems. So getting to see these girls open up and be vulnerable with me, a practical stranger, was truly something that only God could do. I believe God used me as a vessel to show these girls what love is supposed to look like and I am truly grateful for that.

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