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The Power of Eye Contact

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

On our first night of ministry in the Red Light District, I was in a group with two other team members. We all agreed that one of the other team members would make eye contact and initiate a conversation with one of the girls, and my plan was to just follow their lead.

We passed by one bar with a bunch of girls sitting in the front, and my two fellow teammates kept walking without making any eye contact. However, as we were walking by, I briefly made eye contact with one of the girls. Before I could even stop and think, I heard myself asking if we could buy this girl a coke and talk with her. She was so shocked that we would want to talk with her.

The three of us spent the next hour or so visiting with Bo, a beautiful, sweet, 26 year old girl. We asked where she was from, about her family, and we learned that she had begun working in the Red Light District to support her 1 year old daughter who lived hours away with her parents.

We talked with her as much as her the language barrier would allow, but when the conversation started to die, I looked up and saw an open pool table and suggested we play. I knew nothing about playing pool, so Bo was able to teach me. She was encouraging us and laughing with us the whole time.

God filled our hearts with such a love for Bo. She wasn’t some filthy prostitute working the streets but rather a sweet girl in need of a savior. Though we weren’t able to share the Gospel with her, we were able to mention the name of Jesus and show her unconditional love, and when we left more than an hour later we knew we had made a friend. As we hugged her goodbye, we were trusting that a seed was planted and that one day she will come to know salvation through Jesus Christ.

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